Qifeng Park

A bird view of Qifeng Park

Add: Huangqi Forest Management Area, Qifeng Road, Dongguan City

Tel: 0769-22463895

Transportation: Bus No.3, 23, 26

This park is located at the crossing point of Dongguan Avenue and Dongcheng Zhong Road and has an area of 243 hectares. There are relic scenic spots of the lanterns on top of Huangqi Mountain and the ancient Huangqi Temple, and scenic spots of the newly-built Qifeng Park Square, Gate Tower, and Qifeng Lake.

Huangqi Mountain inside the park is 189 meters high. It looks like an unfolding flag in shape and is the symbol of Dongguan. The “hanging lanterns on top of Huangqi Mountain” is the first piece of scenery in the eight legendary sceneries of Dongguan.

At the foot of the mountain there is a temple called Huangqi Kwan-yin (Buddha) Ancient Temple, which was built in Song Dynasty. (The Song Dynasty was a ruling dynasty in China between 960 and 1279). Not far from the temple there is an ancient well. It is said that government officials who drinks the water of the well will be honest and clean.

About the Huangqi Kwan-yin (Buddha) Ancient Temple:

Opening time: 06:00 – 18:00

Ticket: 5 RMB

The gate of Qifeng Park

Qifeng Park

Huangqi Kwan-yin (Buddha) Ancient Temple

Opium War Museum

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