Dongguan Subway

Nowadays, only Dongguan subway line 2 is in service, linking Humen Railway Station and Dongguan Railway Station. This line mainly passes Shilong, Chashan, Dongcheng, Guancheng, Nancheng, Houjie and Humen towns. Its 15 stations effectively release the pressure of urban transportation. In addition, subway line 1 and line 3 are expected to operate in 2020. In the future, the city will operate totally 7 subway lines by 2030, passing 32 districts/towns and covering a length of about 191 miles (308 kilometers).  Several metro lines are planned to connect to Shenzhen and Guangzhou in the future. This will bring a lot of convenience for passengers who travel in the Pearl River Delta Region.

 Metro Line in Operation:-

Dongguan Subway Line 2

 Humen Railway Station – Dongguan Railway Station
Opened on May 27, 2016, Dongguan subway line 2 covers around 24 miles (38 kilometers) and encompasses 15 stations. Starting from Humen Railway Station, it stretches northeast to Dongguan Railway Station. This metro line passes the Shilong, Chashan, Dongcheng, Guancheng, Nancheng, Houjie and Humen areas. The entire one-way trip takes around 40 minutes and the ticket price ranges from CNY 2 to CNY 8. According to the long-term plan, an extension of line 2 will connect to Shenzhen subway line 12 and line 18.

Station First Train
To Humen Railway Station To Dongguan Railway Station
Monday – Friday Weekends & Holidays
Dongguan Railway Station 06:30 06:30
Chashan 06:32 06:32 06:41
Liuhua Park 06:31 06:35 06:47
Xiaqiao 06:35 06:39 06:44
Tianbao 06:37 06:32 06:41
Dongcheng 06:31 06:34 06:38
Qifeng Park 06:34 06:37 06:35
Hongfu Road 06:36 06:39 06:33
Xiping 06:30 06:32 06:40
Hadi 06:33 06:35 06:37
Chenwu 06:37 06:39 06:33
Liaoxia 06:32 06:33 06:39
Shanmei 06:35 06:36 06:37
Exhibition Center 06:38 06:39 06:34
Humen Railway Station 06:30
Station Last Train
To Humen Railway Station To Dongguan Railway Station
Monday – Thursday Friday & Weekends & Holidays Monday – Thursday Friday & Weekends & Holidays
Dongguan Railway Station 22:30 23:00
Chashan 22:32 23:02 23:10 23:40
Liuhua Park 22:35 23:05 23:06 23:36
Xiaqiao 22:39 23:09 23:03 23:33
Tianbao 22:41 23:11 23:00 23:30
Dongcheng 22:44 23:14 22:57 23:27
Qifeng Park 22:46 23:16 22:55 23:25
Hongfu Road 22:49 23:19 22:53 23:23
Xiping 22:52 23:22 22:49 23:19
Hadi 22:55 23:25 22:46 23:16
Chenwu 22:59 23:29 22:42 23:12
Liaoxia 23:02 23:32 22:39 23:09
Shanmei 23:05 23:35 22:37 23:07
Exhibition Center 23:08 23:38 22:34 23:04
Humen Railway Station 22:30 23:00


Monday – Friday Peak Hours
(07:00 – 09:00; 17:00 – 19:00)
8 min.
Other Time 10 min.
Saturday / Sunday Rush Hours (11:00 – 20:00) 8 min.
Other Time 10 min.

Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Stations

1) Humen Railway Station
Surroundings: Guantai Road, Baisha Square Road, Chuangxing Road, Zhanbei Road, Zhuyuan Road, North Baisha Road, Humen Railway Station, Zhenren Park, Baisha Square, Huawen Apartment, Humen International Mansion, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Kaitailin Drugstore, Real Kung Fu Fast Food, New Century Hotel, Haoyunlai Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 107, 201, 802, 808, 841

2)Exhibition Center
Surroundings: East Exhibition Road, Expo Avenue, Jiaju Avenue, Fenghuang Road, Tianping Road, Nanwu Street, Exhibition Center, Nanwu Cultural Park, Fengshan Park, Kangtai Apartment, Jiali Mansion, Regal Palace Hotel, Vienna Hotel, Yuecheng Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Merchants Bank, China Mobile
Bus Routes: 107, 201, 801, 802, 806, 808, 841

Surroundings: South Ring Road, Housha Road, South Shanmei Avenue, Hetian Avenue, South Kangle Road, Heyang Road, Shanhu Road, Houjie Bus Station, Hengxin Shopping Mall, Kangli Apartment, Friendship Building, Mingfeng Plaza, Fangshuquan Hospital, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Bank of China, Merchants Bank, Shanmei Primary School, Agricultural Bank of China, Jinjiang Inn, Boteman Business Hotel, Dragons Hotel 101, Yingfeng Hotel, Joyc Hotel, Junhao Hotel
Bus Routes: 201, 107, Shatian Line 1, Houjie Line 2, Houjie Line 6, Houjie Line 7, Houjie Line 21, 802, 808, 825

Surroundings: Tiyu Road, Fude Road, North Kangle Road, Houjie Avenue, Liaoxia Avenue, Wanda Plaza, Hongjun International Business Mansion, Meipingfu Department Store, Huida Building, Development Mansion, Postal Savings Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Sunshine Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 107, 201, Shatian Line 1, 841

Surroundings: East Qigu Road, Jinying 1st Street, Chenwuguan Road, Taiping Road, Tianyi Apartment, Chenwu Primary School, Chenwu Village, Gome Electrical Appliances, Fujuyuan Community, Tongrentang TCM Drugstore, Baikang Drugstore, Chenwu Reservoir
Bus Routes: Houjie Line13, Houjie Line15, Houjie Line16

Surroundings: Xinnan Road, Hongsan Road, Hongbei Road, Longxi Road, Banling Road, Pearl River Delta World Trade Center, Hongcheng International Hardware & Electrical Market, Hongcheng International Business Center, Zheshang Mansion, Huihai Mansion, Baiyueshangcheng Community, Evergrande Yayuan Community, Lake Forest Villa, Yingbin Park, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 34

Surroundings: Xiping 2nd Road, Hongwei Road, East 5th Road, Changtai Road, Xiping Village, Golden Garden Community, Tianli Central Garden Community, Jindi Green Town, Ruikang I.T.W.M Hospital, Nancheng Sports Park, Construction Bank, Merchants Bank, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Carrefour
Bus Routes: 27, 54

8)Hongfu Road
Surroundings: Hongfu Road, East Hongfu Road, Yinshu Road, Hongmian Road, Yifeng Road, Xincun Road, East Yuanmei Road, Chaoyang Road, Yangguang Road, Yifeng Apartment, International Convention Center, No.1 International Shopping Mall, Huiyicheng Shopping Center, Shizhu Huayuan Community, International Trade Center, Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Construction Bank, KFC, China Telecom, Kande International Hotel, Exhibition International Hotel
Bus Routes: 9, 14, 36, 46, 328, 801, C2, C4, X5, X7, X11, X13

9)Qifeng Park
Surroundings: Qifeng Road, Middle Dongcheng Road, Meifeng Road, South Dongcheng Road, Zanhua Road, Qifeng Park, No.2 High School, Huangqi Square, Zanhualing New Village, Qifeng New Village, Lifeng Flower Market, Vanke Center, Dongxing Huayuan Community, Bank of China, Huaxia Bank
Bus Routes: 1, 18, 23, 37, 52, 56, K1, K4

Surroundings: Middle Dongcheng Road, Dongcheng Road, Dongping Street, Dongsheng Street, Expo Square, Xiangbinshidai Community, Zhongxu Square, Century Plaza, No.5 Primary School, 7 Days Inn, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Pizza hut, KFC, Hang Seng Bank, China Mobile
Bus Routes: 4, 14, 17, 23, 27, 45, 47, 56, K4

Surroundings: Wennan Road, Guanwen Road, Gaotianfang Road, Tianbao Road, Shengshidongfang Community, Xinhua Commercial Building, Guancheng People’s Hospital, Wennan New Area, Tianbao Industrial Park, Lianfeng Mansion, Kengmei Community, Science & Technology School, Motel 168
Bus Routes: 13, 14, 27, 51, K4, K6

Surroundings: Yinling Street, Yinzhu Street, Xinwei Road, Yinqiao Street, Jinqiao Building, Tongchuang Building, Fumin Industrial Park, Technician College, Xiaqiao Park, Sihan Business Center, No.3 Primary School, Fruit & Grocery Market, Xiaqiao Out-patient Department, Yinzhu Shopping Mall, China Telecom, Samsung Store, Guangfa Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Industrial Bank
Bus Routes: 19, 24, 25, 33, C3, K3, K4, L2, X9

13)Liuhua Park
Surroundings: Liuhua Road, Zhouwu Road, Chongwei Road, West Liuhua Street, Liuhua Park, Chongwei Village, Yifang Small Commodity Market, Huixintang Drugstore, Huaxing Business Hotel
Bus Routes: A8, Shilong Line 8, 13, 24, 25, 55, C3, K3, K4

Surroundings: North Chashan Road, Fangzhong Road, Shixue Road, Jinghuan Road, Wenyu Road, Chajing Road, Chasha Town Central Primary School, Hengjiang Industrial Zone, Jingshan Third Industrial Zone
Bus Routes: Chashan Line 1, Chashan Line 3, Liaobu Line A5, Liaobu Line A9

15)Dongguan Railway Station
Surroundings: North Chaye Road, North Zhanqian Road, Fangzhong Road, West Huanhu Road, Dakeng Road, Main Railway Station, Jingshan Park, Chashan Hospital, The 8th People’s Hospital (Children’s Hospital), Fangzhong Sunshine Hotel, Jiaying Business Hotel, Hanwen Business Hotel, Hillview Golf Club, Bank of China, Merchants Park, Shilong Bus Station
Bus Routes: Chasha Line 1, 2, 3 & 4, Liaobu Line A5, Liaobu Line A9

 Lines under Construction and to be Constructed
Line 1: Wanghong – Huangjiang Center
Length: 36 miles (58 kilometers)
Station Number: 24
Stations: Machong West – Machong East – Wanghong – Daojiao – Daojiao East – People’s Hospital – Wanjiang Coach Terminal – Binjiang Sports Center – Guantai Road – Hongfu Road – Xinyuan Road – Dongcheng South – Shulianshan – Dalingshan North – Dalingshan – Dalingshan East – Songshan Lake – Dalang West – Dalang – Wetland Park – Huangjiang North – Huangniupu – Huangjiang Center – Huangjiang South

Line 3: Qishiboxia – Chang’an New Area South
Length: 41 miles (66 kilometers)
Station Number: 24
Stations: Qishiboxia – East Industrial Zone – Dongshan Avenue – Qiaotou East – Dadong Road – East Railway Station – Changping Railway Station – Changping North – Changping Beihuan Road – Dongkeng South – Zhongxing Avenue – Songshan Lake North – Songshan Lake – Songshan Lake Higher Education Mega Center – Songsha Lake Corporate Headquarters – Haiyue Huayuan – Lianhua Square – Chang’an Pedestrian Street – Chang’an Wushancun – Chang’an Jinsha – Chang’an Jian’an Road – Chang’an New Area North – Chang’an New Area – Chang’an New Area South

Line 4: Huangjiang Center – Qingxi Coach Terminal & Guanguang
Length: 16 miles (25 kilometers)
Station Number: 11
Main Line: Huangjiang Center – Huangjiang East – Tangxia West – Tangxia Center – Dongxing Avenue – Tangxia East  –  Qingxi South – Qingxi – Qingxi Coach Terminal
Branch Line: Tangxia Center – Shaping Road – Keyuan Avenue

Line 5: East Railway Station – Fenggang South
Main Stations: Xinzhangmutou, Qingxi Coach Terminal, Qingxi South

Line 6: Dongguan Railway Station – Xiegang
Main Stations: Yuehu Road, Ecological Park, Dongyuan Avenue, Qishi Town Huancheng Avenue, Zhenhua Road, Dongshan Avenue, No.20 Highway

Line 7: Dongcheng – Zhongtang
Main Stations: People’s Park, Wanjiang Square